Warrior Kit


This kit includes:-

1 Gown: 40 GSM

1 Head Cap with Knot: Disposable, Avoids Hair Escape, Comfortable

1 Face Shield: 300 Micron

1 Surgical Mask: 3Ply with Nosepin

1 Pair Nirtile Hand Gloves: Powder-free, Non-Sterile

5 Sanitizer: 2ml Sachets

1 Soap: Roopvedh Tulasi Herbal Soap (100%  free from Animal Fat)

1 Disposable Biohazard Bag:  Yellow Color

Packaging: Medical-grade peel-open Pouch.
No Scissor required. Easy tear-off for better handling.


This product contains 12 items.

Products are Sterilized



Rocwins Warrior Kit is an important safeguarding gear developed especially for our frontline warriors. The Warrior Kit consists of garments and other essentials that protects your skin from being exposed, this suit is helpful for paramedical staff, health care workers, people taking care of infected people or any other person in need to protect themselves against infectious materials.


  • Helps protect you against infections, viruses & bacteria
  • Prevents bodily exposure to viruses
  • Made from good quality material
  • Made as per safety measures
  • Medical grade packing